SPIRITUAL WHISPERS WITH  LAINEY - Readings at your convenience
  This page is for the general messages that spirit leave 

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Message for Paul : Your mother sends a strong message of love , this lady is and always has been an exceptionally strong character. There is a connection with Surrey and around now there is a birthday and a wedding celebration. Your son is about to change his career path (don't worry this is not a mistake, far from it , all is good ), she says you are to stand by him as she stood by you when you decided to change careers and your whole way of life.... her pride and faith and love for you never fades, please take her love and strength ... God Bless xx 
 Sarah : I am being told by your brother (though he was younger he acts so much older)he passed to spirit about 5 years ago, he says he passed with a "crack to his head ", those are his exact words , he passed very quickly and with very little pain. He is desperate to tell you that you are right to move on , to move away, don't look at all those items and feel bad ..sort them and sell them ... nobody expects you to stand still, he says time doesn't stand still. He is most emphatic that I tell you Mum and Dad and he are together and all are so happy. They miss you and want you to be happy , they all watch over you and love you so very much . It's your time now Sarah... please take all of their love and blessings ..God Bless xx

 Jennifer: I am being given a strong connection with Loughborough University... Patrick .. comes through so strongly for you , he shows me that you were a couple and were inseparable until the illness took him . His throat and chest were terribly affected ,but not any more, he is well now and there isn't any pain.  He is so excited for you and says don't worry at how fast everything is moving forward ... major events in your life are never slow and laughs and says to remember 1997 when you thought your feet would never touch the ground ... well what is happening around you now is a repeat of that !!!. He wants you to go out there and go with the flow and reap your rewards. Your heart and his are forever entwined, just know he loves and guides you... God Bless xxx
 Beryl : Connie wants to be remembered to you,she tells me she passed over 20 years ago and it was a blessed relief for her to do so as she had suffered for many years and it was you that helped to keep her sanity . Your twice weekly visits were more than a tonic to her .. the stroke left her so isolated and unable to communicate , but you ignored that and made her feel whole again. She is insistent that I tell you she is fully mobile now and has her speech (that I can certainly vouch for)!!!..and she is totally pain free... she keeps talking about the road you both lived in ..Talbot Road. She says her doorstep was redder than yours because she used more elbow grease !!!.. Recently you put all your photos into a new album, well done she approves of that .. please take her love, gratitude and thanks.. God Bless xxx

 Ruby : Arnie wants you to know how much he loves you, he  always has and always will... "55 years of getting to know each other girl , I'm not going to leave you now am I Rubes"....these are the words he insists I pass to you .
  He loves your new hairstyle and wants me to stress to you that your weight at the moment is fine but he will worry if you lose anymore. His stomach is fine now and there is no pain , he regrets leaving you and the family and seeing your grief , you are to dry your eyes Ruby and remember him as he was before 2006.. he says to tell you, " you are a fighter and a doer "and that's what he wants to see again . He wants to remind you that Ed needs to plane the bedroom door as he never got round to it, and the shed needs a good clear out of his old bits and pieces , the charity shop will get a good deal there !!!... He is a strong ,funny and lovely natured man who is free from pain and who loves you so dearly....Please take his love and strength... God Bless xx

 Marissa: Barney sends a strong message of love and strength to you at this anxious time. He knows you are putting on a brave face for everyone, he doesn't want you to do that. He wants you to know he is beside you every step of the way, when you come round from the op on Tuesday he will be there , feel him hold your hand and lay his cheek on yours, just as you did to him many years ago. You see Marissa, he hasn't forgotten ... he tells me to pass on how wonderful you looked when you were in Bournemouth 30 years ago , even though you permed your hair too soon after colouring it ... he will give you all the strength to recover fully that you need and says to think seriously about the offer of the cruise at the end of the year. He sends his love,strength and laughter ... God Bless xxx

 Fossey :  Paul says .. well done in your new promotion ... see you can do it !!!... please wear the chain , it keeps him close .. Please take his love and hugs xx

                                                                Moira :  (mummy)... Stephen wants you to know he is safe and well and his bones don't ache anymore... and he still comes home to sleep in his bed at night ... he blows angel kisses xxxxxxxx
 Fran: Ernest wishes you to know that 47 years ago you took your vows, he is so sorry that he had to go and leave you. He thanks you with all his heart for everything. You made his life complete... his head is straight and clear now, no fuzziness anymore... he says to say " Love you Fran my dearest, you will always be .. my heart,my life, my soul ".... God Bless xxx
 Sienna ...... Mark wishes you a very Happy Birthday and though it is 7 years now since his passing , he wants you to know he actually hasn't left your side. He loves you as much now as he ever did and he is so proud of the way you have picked up all the shattered pieces and have carried on so marvellously well. He loves the new house and your progress with it, the garden and summer house are phenomenal...... please take his love and know that he is always beside you. xxxx
                                                                     Albert : Florrie stepped forward to speak to you, she is fine and though her passing was such a shock to you all, so sudden. She is settled and pain free , she speaks very quietly and doesn't say a great deal but shows me many images of you both ..of the greengrocers shop that you had and the many happy years you had there.This time of year was so very special with the pumpkin displays that took so many hours in the making. She also wants to congratulate the grandchildren, the twins, Thomas and Sammy, on their excellent exam results . She wants you to celebrate Christmas , hard as it is for you all being the first Christmas without her, she insists that this must not make a difference. It's the time the family gathers together and she doesn't want that to change. Please take her love and know that as she finished her message to you she winked... God Bless xxx