SPIRITUAL WHISPERS WITH  LAINEY - Readings at your convenience

I thought this page  is a
good place to leave messages 
and love for those dear ones 
who mean so much to us and
have passed to the spiritual
realm.... for me that will also
include my beloved dogs who
sit so fondly within my heart... 

 Remembering with deepest love
Blitz , Sorcha and Isis,
 May you play and eat to your hearts content.. xxxxx

     Remembering my beautiful little LUCY , one day my little angel I will hold you in my arms again, I love you so much.....(mummy) xxxxxxxxxx          

Remembering MR GEORGE
ROSIER and his beloved and
devoted wife JEMIMA...Thank you and bless you, you are held so tightly loved within our hearts xxxxxxxx


 Remembering MR WILLIAM
ROSIER, your life was cut so
short but what a difference you
made whilst you were here..
God bless you xxxxx

 Remembering MR WILLIAM HILLMAN who so bravely
gave his life in WW1 , therefore enabling our freedom today,
 God bless and Thank you xxxxx